The Big Bang Theory Character’s Personalities

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom consisting of five characters. The show is about two Caltech geniuses, one an experimental physicist, Leonard Hofstadter, and the other a theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper. They live across the hall from an attractive blonde waitress and aspiring actress, Penny. An aerospace engineer, Howard Wolowitz, and a particle astrophysicist, Rajesh Koothrappali, are their […]

“YOU” – The Sociopathic Couple.

What would you do for love? How far would you go to get the person you love? Let’s see.  You is an American psychological thriller about a man named Joe who is a bookstore manager. He is a serial killer and develops obsessions over girls that he falls in love with (at first sight). It’s an amazing series that leaves […]

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer is one the best new series to watch if you’re into the field of Law. This series is delightful and suspenseful in every way. It is a series about Mickey Haller who restarts his law career after being sidelined by an accident. He has an office but prefers to run it on the road, out of the […]

Heroes With A Seventh Sense

When you watch series or movies with superheroes, they usually have some sort of special power that makes them extraordinarily stand out. You look up to them thinking you wish you had such superpowers. But have you ever wanted a sixth or seventh sense that helped you solve murder cases? If yes, this is the list for you! Below is a […]

New Girl Characters And Their Personalities

New Girl is an American television show starring five main characters. This series is made up of so much comedy, so many surprises and awws. If you’ve watched it, I’m sure you wouldn’t have been able to stop. And I’m sure you’ve spent many nights listening to Jess sing her own theme song, Schmidt freaking out about hygiene, Winston obsessing […]

Why Did Ross And Rachel Break Up?

 Friends is by far the one the most popular American television sitcoms which people till date, binge watch. It just never seems to get old. Ross and Rachel were one of the main couples of this series. Their relationship goes through many ups and downs throughout the series but we all knew that they were bound to end up together. […]

10 Best Podcasts Of 2020

We’re well into the pandemic at this point, so now is as good a time as any to start in on a new podcast or five. Chances are, you’re up to date on whatever you already listen to and could probably use a fresh voice, topic, or a mix of both. Seeing as there are over 800,000 podcasts (with something […]

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