F.R.I.E.N.D.S Filming Locations You Should Definitely Visit!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Filming Locations You Should Definitely Visit!

We all said goodbye to F.R.I.E.N.D.S when it stopped airing in 2004. Yes, it was really sad to let go of such an amazing sitcom but it will always be worth rewatching countless times. Although Friendswas set in New York City, it turns out that very little from the show was actually filmed there. Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe all lived and worked in different places around Manhattan throughout the series, but filming took place on the opposite end of the country. Here is a list of the actual places that you can visit to indulge into the series again!

1. The Apartments:


All of the interior shooting was done in a LA studio but the exterior of the building is a real life New York location. The West Village at 90 Bedford Street, on the southeast corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street. That is where you will find the apartment of Monica, Joey and Chandler. The apartment where everything started and ended.

2. The Fountain:


“I’ll be there for you…” You probably all know this theme song off by heart. Do you want to visit the place where it all takes place? It is located in Burbank, California on none other than the Warner Bros ranch.

3. The MoonDance Diner:


I’m sure you remember this diner. It is a 1950s-themed eatery, where Monica worked as a waitress. It was in fact a real diner in Manhattan. But in 2007, it moved to Wyoming and then closed for good in 2012 after the couple running it couldn’t afford it anymore. But you can still visit the spot where it once stood, in SoHo on 6th Avenue between Canal Street and Grand Street.

4. Vasquez Rocks:


This place is featured in the episode of “The One With Joey’s Big Break”. It’s a beautiful place and has popped up in many other series as well. It is located in the stunning Sierra Pelona Mountains in northern LA. If you love a road trip, this one is your go-to!

5. Chandler’s Work Place:

Solow Building - Wikipedia

So we all were pretty confused about what Chandler actually did for a living but after some digging it is said that he is an IT procurements manager with specialised knowledge of statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. You still probably have no idea what that is but what we do know is that he works in the Solow Building located just west of Fifth Avenue between 57th and 58th Street, which is near Bergdorf Goodman and the Plaza Hotel. Built in 1974, it has 49 floors above ground level and is home to a number of law firms and hedge funds.

6. Lucille Lortel Theatre:

friends shooting location new york | Times of India Travel

This is a real and functioning off-Broadway theatre which was also used in an establishing shot when Joey acted in a play there in season three. Lucille Lortel Theatre is a totally iconic landmark in New York City and has been since its opening in the 1920’s.

7. Central Perk:

Calling All FRIENDS Fans: Visit the Real Central Perk - This Darling World

You can also take in the authentic Central Perk set by taking one of the Warner Bros. Studio tours . They’ve even got a working replica Central Perk Cafe for you to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, just like the gang did back in the 90s.

8. Bloomingdale’s:

Bloomingdale's 25 Percent Off Sale - What to Buy at Bloomingdale's Friends and Family Sale

Rachel’s fashionista dreams come true when she actually gets herself a job at Bloomingdale’s. By season three, Rachel gets her foot in the door of this massive NYC retailer when she works as an assistant in its offices. Now Bloomingdale’s has several locations in Manhattan, but if you want the authentic Friends experience, you definitely need to check out the original store on Third Avenue. It’s a spectacular nine-story building (think to yourself: nine floors of shopping!!) that will fill you with the kind of passion for fashion that helped Rachel’s career soar.

9. The Plaza:

You and your billionaire friends can buy the Plaza Hotel

Monica and Chandler celebrate their engagement in one of the city’s finest establishments during the opening episode of season seven.

10. New York University:

New York University Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Ross worked at NYU after his time at the New York Museum of Prehistoric History. You might remember this stretch of his career including a relationship with Elizabeth, one of his young students. He got off to a rocky start to his role as professor, with a few awkward moments and a total lack of confidence while standing in front of a lecture hall. However, he improved over the years and continued his rise to the top of the paleontological research world. Even though Ross was never a real professor at NYU, that didn’t stop real NYU students from rating him on a RateMyProfessor page with fake reviews of his teaching style. So next time you go to New York, stop by!

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