“YOU” – The Sociopathic Couple.

“YOU” – The Sociopathic Couple.

What would you do for love? How far would you go to get the person you love? Let’s see.

You is an American psychological thriller about a man named Joe who is a bookstore manager. He is a serial killer and develops obsessions over girls that he falls in love with (at first sight). It’s an amazing series that leaves you hooked. There are such complex characters who are so evil yet charming at the same time. You’re able to sympathise with them but also feel hatred towards them. Let us have a look at a few of the main characters:

  1. Joe Goldberg (The Charming Sociopath)
  2. Love Quinn (The True Serial Killer)

1. Joe Goldberg (The Charming Sociopath)


Joe Goldberg is one of those rare sociopaths who come across as very charming. The reason is the way he carries himself in front of people. Even though he is totally creepy, you can’t really spot what’s going on in his mind. He is a master in manipulating people using his innocent face. Even when he is having some really monstrous thoughts in his mind, you can’t really tell. If you ask him, he is not doing anything wrong and that’s why his face doesn’t reflect his monstrous side.

Joe had a nightmarish childhood. His father used to beat his mother and hence Joe ended up killing him. Ever since then he thinks of himself as if he is in the world to protect women. He falls in love with those women who he thinks need his help. He loves to read their mind and even though he is wrong most of the time, Joe believes he knows women best. Joe also loves kids and wants to protect their childhood for the same reason. Joe (now using the name “Will”) has set his sights on a new woman, Love, with whom he builds a relationship. As they become closer, we see flashbacks to his childhood that show you exactly why he is what he is.

2. Love Quinn (The True Serial Killer)


Joe, then known as Will, stalks Love and quickly discovers she has a toxic relationship with her family and a painful past. Naturally, he falls deeper in love and becomes more and more obsessed with the idea of protecting her from the world. So when the tables turn and it’s revealed that she, too, is a murderer, Will’s illusion is shattered deciding only to spare her life because she is pregnant. The latest third season follows Love and Will’s life as parents to their son, Henry, and if you thought they would close the chapter on being psycho-killers, you’re highly mistaken. This couple is extremely awful and you’ll see why in this season.

This season opens up to the Goldbergs adjusting to life as sleep deprived parents learning how to care for their son. Love commits the first murder of the season when she kills their neighbour, Natalie after she seduces Will. At this point, Will still has not forgiven Love for her past murders and begins his cycle of obsession with Natalie. Love felt Will slipping away and slipping further into Natalie and losing her husband to the girl next door was something that she did not want.

Will and Love are perfect for each other. They’re both deeply flawed humans who, on one hand, are serial killers, and on the other, they’re people who are beyond desperate to feel unconditionally loved by someone. But while many find themselves sympathising with Will here and there, Love is a character who you may despise throughout the season.

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