Top Pure (Shudh) Hindi Rappers and Songs

Top Hindi Rappers BTP
Top Hindi Rappers BTP
Top Hindi Rappers BTP

Hip-hop has spread from the USA to the whole world. The culture of Hip-hop blends with cultures of different regions and their own flavor of hip-hop is born. Desi Hip-hop is a term used to represent all Hindi rappers including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other countries. These rappers rap in their mother-tongue languages. A large part of India is Hindi Speaking region where the first language is Hindi with local dialects. Several rappers use their local dialects such as Emiway Bantai uses Mumbai slang in his raps, and Ikka uses Punjabi and Haryanvi slang in his raps.

Apart from such rappers, there are some rappers who rap in the pure form of their language, avoiding the use of any other language to convey their stories. Even after being in such a language, they do follow the rules of hip-hop such as having cadences and flows and using triplets and multi-syllable rhymes.

#1 Shloka – O re Pita, Antim Shlok Geet

#2 Shlovij – Seekh

#3 Saurabh Acharya – Shabdachaari

#4 Narci – Pawansut

#5 Krishna ( KR$NA ) – Vyanjan

#6 Swaggy the Rapper – Shudh Hiphop ( Hindi ), Sita Ram ( Gujarati )

#7 MC Square – Ram Ram, Chehre


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