Covid-19 And It’s Different Variants

Covid-19 has taken over the entire world in the last year and continues to do so this year too. There are people all over the world, wishing to hold onto their loved ones and praying for things to get back to normal. Just as it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, new variants of the virus were found. It was […]

20 Hacks That Actually Work!

If you were told that you can do all your everyday work but with the least effort and time, you’d opt for that wouldn’t you? That’s what hacks are for. Nowadays people prefer to do things which take the least effort probably because of laziness but also maybe because they don’t have enough time for it.You might be watching 5 […]

Health Tips Every Woman Should Know

Every woman faces a time in their life where they just don’t have the time to look after themselves because of all their responsibilities. But we forget that together with looking after others, we should be looking after ourselves too. It is so important to have a healthy body. Keeping yourself healthy cannot be stressed enough. A healthy body keeps […]

10 Best Podcasts Of 2020

We’re well into the pandemic at this point, so now is as good a time as any to start in on a new podcast or five. Chances are, you’re up to date on whatever you already listen to and could probably use a fresh voice, topic, or a mix of both. Seeing as there are over 800,000 podcasts (with something […]

Dance Exercises

Exercise. A word we might despise because we’re lazy or sometimes just don’t have time for it. What keeps you from exercising? Don’t say you don’t have the time, we’re all home right now. If you’re having trouble beginning an exercise plan or following through, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle getting out of the sedentary rut, despite our […]

Routine Body Check Ups

Having a schedule to have regular body check ups is super important. What’s more important is knowing when to do each of the check ups and how often. It’s better to prevent an illness than to have to treat it. That’s why regular checkups are essential. Routinely evaluating your risk factors for various medical conditions, screening for cancer and other […]

Anxiety- All You Need To Know About It.

Anxiety is your body’s reaction to stress. It is a feeling of fear or uneasiness about what’s to come. The first day of school, going for a job interview or public speaking may cause many people to feel scared and nervous. It is normal to feel anxious about moving to a new place, starting a new job or taking a […]

Obesity- How It Takes A Toll On You

What Is Obesity?  Obesity is a disease which involves excess body fat. If you have excess body fat, it may increase the risk of health issues. Obesity often results from taking in more calories than you burn by exercise and normal daily activities. You know there’s an obesity problem if your BMI is 25 or greater. In adults, obesity is […]

Headache: What And How?

What is a headache?  A headache is a painful sensation in any part of the head. It can be a sign of stress or emotional distress. It can also result from a medical disorder such as a migraine, high blood pressure, anxiety or depression. Headaches can sometimes be difficult to describe but some common symptoms are throbbing, squeezing, constant unrelenting […]

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