Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects.

Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects.

We look at them every day, day in and day out, and we don’t even think about why they exist. But if we did stop to think about it, we’d probably realize that we don’t have an answer for it. There are objects right under our nose that can be making our lives easier if only we didn’t overlook them.

Many common objects we see every day have secret features that can do all sorts of cool things. You just have no idea that they’re there. So, I’m going to tell you about it.

Those little buttons on your jeans, those marks on your tires, and the tab at the end of your measuring tape. You know what I’m talking about. But you don’t know exactly what these objects do, do you?

1. Soda Tab


Ever had your straw stabbing you in the nose while drinking a soda? Or your straw just not staying in place? Well, the tab in your soda can can be used to hold your straw in place. Just flip it around. Insert your straw through the hole.

2. Shirt Loop


Have you ever noticed that little loop on the back of a button up shirt? Have you ever wondered what the purpose of it was for? Well there’s one pretty obvious explanation, and one very interesting possibility.

The first most obvious one is that it was to hang up your shirt. This is called a ‘locker loop’ and was made to hang your shirt on a hook in a locker room. It was also rumored that the loop was to indicate that a man was single. If he was in a relationship, he would cut the loop off the shirt. Interesting, yeah?

3. Beanie Pom-Poms


It’s that time of year where everyone pulls out their winter wear. Among the puffy jackets, winter boots, and the mountains of mismatched gloves and socks somewhere is your winter cap or your “beanie”. Just like most other people today, you may just think that the poofy pom-pom dangling from the end of your beanie is simply there for added fashion, but when first designed it served a much more functional purpose.

You might be surprised to know that the beanie we see today was first created by the Vikings to keep their ears warm in the harsh winter climate of Norway. The pom pom was sewn to the top of the cap to keep the seams from coming apart. In later years, people began using buttons instead of pom poms to bind the seams and it looked like a small bean at the top, hence the name we are now familiar with.

4. Lollipop Stick Hole


Do you remember your love for suckers as a kid, and the excitement that came when you finally finished your candy and you tried to turn the plastic stick with the hole into a whistle? As it turns out, that’s not actually what that hole is meant for. The reason the plastic lollipop stick has a small hole at the top is so that when the manufacturer pours the hot, melted candy into the mold, some of it seeps into the hole and hardens to keep the candy on the stick instead of falling off. This wasn’t necessary with the round paper lollipop sticks because the melted candy gripped it better.

5. Silica Gel Packets


Okay, so we all know that the small silica gel packs are included with products to “preserve freshness”. Have you ever wondered how, exactly, this small sack of “beads” works to protect your product though? Silica gel is something known as a desiccant, meaning that it tends to suck moisture out of its immediate environment. The small packets are filled with these silica gel beads that can absorb humidity in an enclosed environment up to 50%, helping to keep anything that can spoil with too much moisture nice and dry. So, hang onto those packets and next time you need to dry out your phone, shove it in a bag full of them. It works much better than rice and is less messy.

6. Two-Toned Erasers

Most of us grew up with the frustrating misinformation that the two-toned erasers allowed you to erase pen ink with one side. Sadly, this was a load of B.S. Although you won’t be able to save your paper from ink marks, the opposite sides of these erasers do actually serve a purpose. The red, blue, or gray end of a two-toned eraser allows you to erase pencil and graphite markings from different types of artist’s paper that are more sensitive to friction and easily tear when a regular eraser is used on them. Did you know that about these objects?

7. The Stripes in Toothpaste

If you’ve ever used Aquafresh, then you’re familiar with the red, white, and blue stripes in the toothpaste. No, those aren’t there to represent the company’s patriotism. In fact, in the 1970s people were realizing that simply cleaning the mouth to keep it healthy wasn’t enough. They needed something in the toothpaste to freshen the breath, too. Aquafresh answered the call by adding in a blue stripe to their paste to indicate that it had the dual action of cleaning and freshening. After people began paying more attention to the health of their gums, the ingenious toothpaste brand added a 3rd red stripe to their product, to indicate that their paste now had triple action; cleaning, freshening, and plaque control. Even though solid white brands offer the same hygiene benefits, companies continue to add stripes to their paste because it’s a proven seller.

8. Hole in Ballpoint Pen Lids

Most people assume this hole is to prevent the pen from drying out. However, the real reason is actually to prevent suffocation. If a small child was to swallow the lid, their airways wouldn’t be completely blocked thanks to the small hole allowing them to breathe. Who knew that? Ballpoint pen lids, saving lives every day.

9. Stickers On Fruit

Stickers on fruit mark the country and the producer, but few know what the numbers on the stickers mean. If there are 4 digits and the first is 4, it means that the fruit has been sprayed with pesticides. If there are 5 digits and the first is 9, the fruit has been grown organically. If there are 5 digits and the first is 8, the fruit has been genetically modified.

10. The 57

Ever wonder why there is a 57 on your ketchup bottle? If you tap it while you’re taking out some ketchup, your ketchup will slide out faster. Only 11 percent of people are believed to know this.

Wrapping Up

Ever thought that these objects that go unnoticed actually do have a function? How many of these everyday objects did you know about?

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