Unknown Facts Of Rajkot.

Unknown Facts Of Rajkot.

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Rajkot city is situated in the region of Saurashtra in the Gujarat state of India with a population of more than 1,390,640. The population is 52.43% male and 47.47% female. Most of the population is Hindu with a Muslim minority. It is located on the banks of the Aji and Nyari rivers. The city is spread in the area of 170kms. Come let us find out a few unknown facts of Rajkot that you probably haven’t heard yet. 

1. Afternoon Naps: 

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The people here take rest in the afternoon during 12 to 4pm and get back to work in the evening. This city has had this habit for the past 200 years. No one is in the mood to do any business at noon time because it’s nap time. 

2. Own Music: 


Rajkot has its own music. It has its own native genre called “Dayro”, which is used to convey folk stories & sayings. They have also inherited Kathiyawadi folk music. The city also has various orchestra groups, which perform professionally. They mainly perform the music albums from Bollywood.

3. Pure Gold: 

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Rajkot is famous for its gold purity in the entire country. The markets deal with the best and purest form of gold in the state as well as in the country. Also, it has one of the largest gold markets in India.

4. 1 Of The Best Cities In Saurashtra: 

Smart City of Rajkot declared the National Winner of WWF's One Planet City  Challenge 2018 | WWF India

With 14 ‘talukas’, Rajkot area is regarded as the Economic, Industrial & Pedagogic Hub for Saurashtra-Kutch region.

5. 1 Of The Cleanest Cities Of India: 

Smart City summit: Smart City summit kicks off in Rajkot on Sunday | Rajkot  News - Times of India

Rajkot is the seventh cleanest city of India.

6. 4th Largest City Of Gujarat: 

Rajkot - 4th Largest City Of Gujarat || India ||Plenty Facts|| Rajkot ||  Gujarat || Rajkot City 2019 - YouTube

Rajkot is the fourth largest city in the state of Gujarat, after Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara.

7. Not Apart Of Gujarat Before:

Saurashtra (state) - Wikipedia

Rajkot was the capital of the Saurashtra State from 15 April 1948 to 31 October 1956, before its merger with Bombay State on 1 November 1956. It was re-integrated into Gujarat State from 1 May 1960.

8. Higher Literacy Rate: 

Rajkot District

Rajkot city has an average literacy rate of 82.20%, higher than the national average.

9. Biggest Automobile Zone In Asia: 

Reduction in GST will be swift for automobile industry | AUTOMOBILE NYOOOZ

As per recent market reviews, Rajkot is becoming Asia’s biggest Auto-Mobile Zone.

10. Home Of ‘Balaji Wafers’: 

Balaji Wafers #Retail_Counter (Direct from Production Plant) @Valsad  @Rajkot - YouTube

Rajkot is also home to some of India’s leading snacks manufacturers such as Balaji Wafers, Gopal Namkeen.

Wrapping Up

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