How Yoga Can Increase Your Immunity.

Yoga, a 5000 years old Indian practice of exercise can help to boost immunity and to keep your chakras balanced and aligned. The simple DO AT HOME postures, breathing techniques and meditation can improve your mental and physical health and boost your immunity. In addition, it relives you from stress which is leading factor of depression and help you relax […]

All you need to know about Depression

Depression is referred to as a persistent feeling of sadness, feeling down, and having a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities that affect your daily life substantially. In fact, major life events such as bereavement or the loss of a job, can lead to depression. Moreover, depression is an ongoing problem, not a passing one. It consists of […]

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

Researchers worldwide are racing to find a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Experts estimate that a fast tracked vaccine development process could take up to 12-18 months, if the process goes smoothly from conception to market availability. Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is a collaboration of several US federal government departments including Health and Human Services and its sub-agencies, Agriculture, Energy and […]

Looking For Replacements Of Banned Apps?

India banned 59 chinese apps. Are you looking for replacements of the banned apps? Read along to find out some awesome non-chinese alternatives for those apps. The Ministry of Information Technology, invoking its power under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act have blocked 59 apps. It is believed that they are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty […]

Social Media During Social Isolation

Social media refers to a term used to describe websites and applications. It focuses on communication, community based input, interaction, content sharing, and collaboration. Many people use SM to stay in touch and interact with family and friends. Others use it to communicate with other communities. Many businesses use it as a platform to market and promote their products. SM […]

Spiritually and Virtually Connected with BAPS

BAPS is an organization of people believing in Swaminarayan Sampradaya. They strongly believe in community development and hence meeting every week is in the core of their system. The people must follow the rules of Social Distancing due to COVID-19. In such times, weekly meetings or Sabhas are not possible. How does BAPS stay connected in such times? Stay Spiritually […]

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