New Girl Characters And Their Personalities

New Girl Characters And Their Personalities

New Girl is an American television show starring five main characters. This series is made up of so much comedy, so many surprises and awws. If you’ve watched it, I’m sure you wouldn’t have been able to stop. And I’m sure you’ve spent many nights listening to Jess sing her own theme song, Schmidt freaking out about hygiene, Winston obsessing over his cat, Nick trying to grow tomatoes and watering a cactus and Cece trying to model. New Girl follows five friends finding their places in the world while resentfully accepting the responsibilities of adulthood. These characters all have unique personalities that sometimes lead to disagreements yet they always seemed to balance each other out.

Now that you’ve recalled what I’m talking about, let’s jump into the personalities of these New Girl characters. Each of whom has an interesting, quirky personality that often gets them into all kinds of hilarious situations. The characters of New Girl are:

  • Jessica Day (Jess)
  • Nicholas Miller (Nick)
  • Winston Schmidt (Schmidt)
  • Winston Bishop
  • Cecilia Parikh (Cece)

Jessica Day – New Girl Characters


An Enthusiast

Jess is the main character in New Girl. She is enthusiastic and imaginative. She is quirky and has a fun personality which some may find to be annoying. As a very “girly” girl, Jess does her best to fit in with the football-watching, beer-drinking, masculine atmosphere of her new apartment, living with three single guys (Nick, Schmidt and Winston and sometimes Coach) in a converted warehouse apartment in Los Angeles. Though she’s never embarrassed to be her “weird” self, even in front of her new roommates. Jess loves to inspire young children and watch them grow.

Obsessive Need To Be Liked

Jess has an obsessive need to be liked by everyone. This means that if she finds out someone doesn’t like her or can’t get along with her, she will do anything she can to make that change. She will start liking the likes and disliking the dislikes of the person just to make sure she can get along with them. This is what makes her stand out from all the other characters, she cares about everyone and what everyone thinks of her. She tries very hard to befriend everyone around her.

Always There

Jess is always willing to look at the bright side of any situation. But at the same time, she’s not afraid to be herself, even if it means that it sets her apart from the group. She is always there for all her friends which explains why they almost can’t function without her. She does everything she can to be there for her friends at all times, even if that means letting go of what she wants. She is always there wherever any of her friends need advice or comfort. Whether it’s through her quirky personality or soulful advice, she makes sure everyone around her is happy.

Nick Miller



Nick is in the process of growing up, even as he enters his 30s. He is a bartender which seems like Nick’s fallback. After dropping out of law school with three semesters to go, Nick chose to work at a bar instead of taking the Bar. He works in the evenings, but spends his days (theoretically) working on his zombie novel. And he would rather have beer, and watch tv all day instead of anything else. As he says to his roommates, “It’s perfectly fine to watch TV all day.” And true to his word, Nick can seemingly always be found relaxing at the apartment with a beer in hand. He procrastinates more than he works. He can hardly take care of himself and is grumpy, sarcastic and lazy. Nick is not doing very much with his life, and he’s usually fine with that.

Low Confidence

After Nick broke up with his long term girlfriend, Caroline, he seemed to hit a dump. He seemed to be lost financially and emotionally. He finds himself relying on his roommates for such support. At times, he wants to accomplish things for himself but he can’t get through it because he lacks confidence. He always needs a little boost.

Inability To Express Feelings

Nick finds it difficult to express his feelings and at times he just completely avoids it by “moon-walking” away from the situation. When he does express his feelings, it takes him a long time to do so. He also finds it difficult to express his feelings towards his friends because he can’t be emotional.




Schmidt likes everything to be a certain way and if it isn’t, he freaks out. Schmidt is known in the apartment for having OCD and being extremely fussy. He has a certain manic charm that makes him a funny character. He is extremely organized and hygienic and wants everyone to be the same. He’s the one who keeps the apartment clean and working. Without him, their lives are just a mess.

Douchebag Jar

You never know what is going to come out of this man’s mouth, but you can always guarantee that it is going to be something that leaves you laughing and him putting money in the jar. He always comes up with the newest and weirdest things that he finds completely revolutionary. He stands strong for what he believes in. Schmidt is still overcompensating for his inner fat-kid by attempting to sleep with as many women as possible. He enjoys casual dating, but seems to fear finding true love too early.

Desire To Be Successful

Schmidt strives to be the “top dog” in the apartment. Schmidt loves anything that will help him become more successful than the people around him. As he says, he’d like Kanye to be his last call at night. Schmidt works in an almost all-female office, which makes him enjoy his job even more. He thrives in this metrosexual-friendly environment. He works hard and always tries to prove himself to be better than his coworkers.



Prank Sinatra

Winston thinks of himself as the “Prank Sinatra” of the group. He thinks that he is really good at pranks but he actually doesn’t do really well at them. His pranks either end up being too small or too big. He also loves puzzles but he’s lousy at both. Winston is oblivious and goofy. He’s the sweet yet often dopey one in the apartment.

Best Sidekick

Winston is single, yet not quite ready to mingle. Winston isn’t exactly the most suave man on the planet. He hasn’t had to flirt with American women in a few years, and as a result he doesn’t know that “Hey girl, what your name is?” is a bad opening line. Despite his occasional intellectual shortcomings, his roommates often turn to him for words of advice. His childlike qualities, such as the fact that he still believes in Santa Claus, make him an ideal companion for Nick and Schmidt. This guy’s always got your back. He may not be so good with the ladies, but he’s the best sidekick, and doesn’t spill the beans.

Cat Lover And Pamperer

He is sort of like a housewife actually, and that is a big compliment to this sensitive guy. Winston can be introverted, but he is so sweet. He enjoys hanging out with his cat and pampering himself. Winston enjoys a nice fruity mixed drink, bubble baths and anything that will make him relax. He is obsessed with his cat and does everything with him only including taking selfies.



All Eyes On

Cece’s extrovert personality makes her the girl in the group who gets all the attention. She could wear a sack better than any pile of potatoes out there and she has manipulative powers like none other, especially over the Schmidt of the group. Cece is reasonable, charming, and tough. She is not just a pretty face, though; she is sharp and not afraid to speak up and out.

Indian But American

Her parents did their best to retain their native Indian culture and always encouraged Cece to marry an Indian man but the independent-minded Cece typically rebelled against her family’s traditions and embraced the American culture. Despite her modeling career, Cece doesn’t necessarily live a life of glitz and glamour. Though thanks in part to her good looks she’s led a very active social life, which is why she refers to herself as “the professor” whenever Jess comes to her for relationship (and sex) advice. She’s been in the modelling business since she was in high school and it’s opened up many doors. Her commitment to her career is shown when she starts her own modelling company- “Cece’s Boys”.

Grounded And Realistic

Cece takes both her personal and professional lives very seriously. Being a model isn’t a trivial profession, at least the way she approaches it. It requires dedication and sacrifice. She also sees it as her responsibility to be there for her friends in the time of need. Cece has had plenty of dating fun but when she hears her biological clock ticking, she starts looking for something serious. She has no shortage of potential suitors but her heart lies with just one, Schmidt. The grounded and realistic Cece is always there to offer advice to Jess. Sometimes it may take the form of tough love but there is no one else Jess would rather hear it from.



Love For Adventure and Excitment

From the beginning we see Coach as an outgoing and enthusiastic character. He is always up to try new things and he loves being the life of the party. Coach is the kind of person who always makes his presence known. He is a great motivator and knows how to get people pumped up and ready to go.

Natural Born Leader

Coach is a born leader, he leads the group and they happily follow. His optimistic attitude is infectious. He is also quite a dramatic person. He often overreacts to situations in a dramatically funny way, taking his friend’s problems into his own hands and handling them in his own, assertive way.

Wrapping Up

So this was the in-depth analysis of the characters in New Girl. Who is your favourite character and who are you most like?

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