Game Of Thrones Main Characters And Their Personalities

Game Of Thrones Main Characters And Their Personalities
Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is an HBO series that tells the story of a medieval country’s civil war. When the story begins, a decade-long summer is ending, and winter looms as characters battle to claim the “Iron Throne,” the seat of the king of the Seven Kingdoms, the regime that rules all but the northern tip of Westeros. Game of Thrones has many characters, all different and complicated in their own way.

Let’s have a look at a few of the main characters and their personalities.

  1. Jon Snow
  2. Daenerys Targaryen
  3. Eddard Stark
  4. Sansa Stark
  5. Arya Stark
  6. Cersei Lannister
  7. Tyrion Lannister
  8. Bran Stark
  9. Petyr Baelish aka Little Finger
  10. Jorah Mormont

1. Jon Snow

Game of Thrones

Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and he is one of the main characters. He has five half-siblings, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon Stark. Jon was raised at Winterfell. At the age of fourteen, he joins the Night’s Watch, where he earns the nickname Lord Snow.

Jon Is A Lonewolf

Jon Snow is solemn and guarded. He is a lone character. Jon is kind of an outsider. He doesn’t fit in with his family because he’s not a “trueborn” son (he’s a bastard child). He also doesn’t fit in with the Night’s Watch crew because he’s the son of a lord. Jon is a mistreated person throughout the book. He has to earn his respect from others.

Jon Has A Set of Skills

Jon is very good at sword fighting, is super smart and a skilled fighter. Jon has resented his bastard status most of the time. He desires to be viewed as honorable and wants to prove he can be as good and true as his half-brother, Robb. Jon is very independent and knows how to fend for himself, traits that ultimately allow him to feel assured enough to differ from his peers when he feels they are in the wrong. Jon leads without pride and without thought for himself, and he proves a wise and natural leader from the start.

2. Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen

Game of Thrones

Princess Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Daenerys Stormborn,is one of the last confirmed members of House Targaryen, along with her older brother Viserys. She is the youngest child of King Aerys II Targaryen and his sister-wife, Queen Rhaella.

Daenery’s Development

Daenerys is motivated only by a desire to go home to the house where she has spent most of her life in exile from Westeros, which she left as an infant. But her experiences as a Khaleesi (queen) among the Dothrakis give her confidence and make her more commanding and self-assured.

Daenerys Is Vengeful

As she was raised in exile, never staying long as one place, Daenerys has never truly known a place to call home. She prepares to leave the east and return to Westeros with an army, much as the ancient Targaryens left the Doom of Valyria to conquer Westeros. Initially, she fears Viserys and other people who would harm her. But by the end of the story, Daenerys swears by every god she can think of that her enemies will die screaming. She is strong, persistent, inquisitive, and quietly and intensely determined.

3. Eddard Stark

Game of Thrones

Eddard Stark, also called “Ned”, is the head of House Stark, Lord of Winterfell, and Warden of the North.

Eddard Has Unwavering Sense of Honor

In the face of political tension, intrigue, and injustice, Ned struggles to remain virtuous, and at the end, he must reconsider what virtue means to him. Ned is simple, severe, and rigid. His initial boundaries began between right and wrong. He considers duty and justice to be one and the same.

Eddard Is A Perfect Father But Terrible Politician

He’s the husband of Catelyn Stark and father to Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon, and Jon Snow. Eddard Stark is kind of the perfect dad. He’s kind to his children (including his illegitimate son, Jon Snow, and his ward, Theon Greyjoy). He patiently tries to explain to his children whenever they are confused or need teaching, and even though it’s an arranged marriage, Ned loves his wife Catelyn.

Unfortunately, all of the things we love about Ned make him a pretty awful politician. He’s a straightforward person who usually says what he’s thinking, even if what he’s thinking is that the king is a loser. His mercy leads him to talk to Cersei about her crimes. He thinks he’s giving her time to save her children, but really, he’s giving her time to fight back against him. He ends up losing at the game of thrones. Bottom line: Eddard has “Principles,” and this doesn’t get him very far in his world.

4. Sansa Stark

Sometimes butterflies grow into dragons | Sansa stark art, Sansa stark, Game of thrones sansa

Sansa Stark is a member of House Stark and is the elder daughter of Lady Catelyn and Lord Eddard Stark. She has three brothers: Robb, Bran and Rickon, a younger sister: Arya; and a half-brother: Jon Snow.

Sansa Is Gracious

Despite everything that’s happened to her, Sansa has managed to keep her compassionate nature. She calms people down despite being terrified herself. She certainly proved that she had more than enough Stark and Tully grit to survive, as despite the fact that she didn’t have much more than kindness to help her, she endured everything life threw at her and came out the winner. She could barely help herself, but every time the opportunity presented itself for her to help someone else, she took it.

Sansa Is Hesitant And Naive

Sansa spends a huge amount of her time in the narrative being the damsel in distress. She’s clever enough to know what’s going on and understand when she’s in a terrible situation, however she almost always hesitates to act, and it’s often that hesitance that winds up getting her into even more trouble and danger. Sansa often insults herself by saying that she’s a stupid girl who learns too slow or never learns at all, and that is actually an inaccurate self-perception. Sansa’s problem isn’t that she can’t read the situations she’s in or the people she’s around well, it’s that oftentimes when things get frightening or dangerous, she ignores it or tries to pretend it’s not happening until it’s too late for her to do anything. At a certain point it’s a little hard to believe that she’s still so clueless.

5. Arya Stark

Game of Thrones: Why Do We Still Root For Arya Stark?

Arya Stark is the third child and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Tully. She has five siblings: brothers Robb, Bran, Rickon, half-brother Jon Snow, and older sister Sansa.

Arya Is Self Determined

Arya is led by self-determination and mental tenacity. Arya is best characterized as a joy-seeker, someone who appreciates new and exciting sensations. She loves nature, discovery, and a healthy amount of risk. smart, tough and strong. Arya has a strong independent streak and cannot be turned away from a task that she’s set her mind to. She refuses to be bullied, and won’t let anyone, no matter how powerful, push her around. While these traits are destined to get her into constant trouble, Arya has the wits and grit to survive even the most troubling situations.

Arya Is A Tomboy

Arya spends all her energy trying to wiggle out of her lessons on history, etiquette, and needlework so she can instead fight. She is a knight in training who is determined to prove everyone wrong when it comes to what a lady can or cannot do. practicing with her trainer Syrio. When her father sees she’s intensely determined to learn to fight, he finds her a master sword fighter to train her in secret. She wants to have her own adventures and carve her own path through the world. She’d rather learn swordplay than do anything else.

6. Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister - Wikipedia

Queen Cersei Lannister is the only daughter and eldest child of Lord Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock and his wife, Lady Joanna Lannister. She is the twin of her younger brother, Ser Jaime Lannister. After Robert’s Rebellion, Cersei married King Robert I Baratheon and became Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She is the mother of Prince Joffrey, Princess Myrcella, and Prince Tommen of House Baratheon of King’s Landing.

Cersei Loves Maintaining Her Image

Maintaining image is central to Cersei Lannister’s personality. Fueled by a desire to remain the wealthiest, most powerful figure in Westeros, Cersei goes to great lengths to orchestrate and maintain her status. Cersei must fight, plot, and murder to keep her secrets and prevent the other power-hungry houses of Westeros from ascending to the Iron Throne. Quite tactfully and steadily, Cersei uses people’s fear response to control them.

Cersei Is Cold And Manipulative

Cersei fancies herself a canny political operator and often curses the fact that she was born a woman, a fact that consigns her to an ancillary political role. This resentment fuels her, causing her to absolutely commit herself to raising her son to the absolute height of power. As Cersei tells Eddard Stark, “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” She’s watched that game from the sidelines long enough to learn how to win. She sometimes seems oblivious to Joffrey’s intolerable cruelty, and wants him to have power more than she wants him to wield it responsibly. She is cold and manipulative, yet with a blind spot regarding her children. Despite Cersei’s long list of faults, she loves her children deeply and everything she does is for them.

7. Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister - Wikipedia

Tyrion Lannister is a member of House Lannister and is the third and youngest child of Lord Tywin Lannister and the late Lady Joanna Lannister. His older siblings are Cersei Lannister, the queen of King Robert I Baratheon, and Ser Jaime Lannister, a knight of Robert’s Kingsguard. Tyrion is a dwarf; because of this he is sometimes called the Imp and the Halfman.

Tyrion Is Smarter Than The Average

Tyrion is clever, witty, and resilient. He devises a way to escape the Eyrie, for instance, though it seemed impossible to do so. Tyrion also sees hard truths, and he is bluntly honest with himself, acknowledging how others see him because of his physical appearance, and with others as well. He has a gift for determining other people’s motives. Tyrion knows when someone can be bought, and when someone cannot be bargained with. He’s super powerful because of how smart he is: he can smart himself out of pretty much any bad situation. He’s one of the smartest men in Westeros and often aids his family with his razor-sharp wits. He is of particular use in the capital city of King’s Landing, where a perceptive mind is worth any number of swords.

Tyrion Is A Dwarf But Noble

He was born a dwarf, a condition that caused his father to write him off. Secondly his mother died giving birth to him, an event that was obviously outside of his control, but one which his father and sister have never forgiven him for. Tyrion is met with revulsion and hatred from most of his family, a fact that pushes him to desire their approval all the more. Tyrion is a member of one of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms, the sprawling and ancient noble dynasties that control Westeros.

As a result he’s never had to work a day in his life, but has also spent every day of his life training to rule and maintain the power of the Lannister name. Tyrion has been mistreated his entire life, and has developed a cynicism as thick as armor in order to help himself cope. He has an acid tongue and is capable of talking his way through just about anything. Despite his dark world view and tendency to verbally brutalize anyone who gets in his way, Tyrion is generally a good man. He values kindness, goodness, and honor.

8. Bran Stark

Bran is the son of Lady Catelyn and Lord Eddard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell. Bran climbs a castle wall and catches the queen with her twin brother and gets pushed down to presumably plunge to death. But this incident leaves him with injuries. he begins to gain strange powers- the ability to have prophetic dreams about a three-eyed raven. He usually spends his time riding horses on a saddle made especially for him to overcome his disability.

Bran Is Resilient

He is strong and curious and is brave enough to overcome his fears. He focuses on uncovering the mysteries of his dreams. He meets another boy who has a similar power to him so those two explore the world of dreams together. They chase the three-eyed raven in hope to learn more about what their dreams means for their futures.

Bran Is Sensitive

It is important to him that he stays true to his values. Self-expression is extremely important to him. Bran thinks deeply about the meaning and purpose of life, dreaming up all sorts of stories and ideas. He has the need to connect with a deep sense of purpose and feels a strong desire for his actions to be aligned with his values. He cares about making the world a better place. Bran loves to bring happiness into people’s lives and is highly emphatic.

9.Petyr Baelish aka ‘Little Finger’

Little Finger is the Master of Coin, aka the treasurer to King Robert Baratheon. He is from a small noble family but is a financial genius. He is one of the richest men in the Seven Kingdoms and is a treasure to the king.

Little Finger Is Cunning

He tries to claw his way to the top and has worked his way up from being almost nothing to one of the most powerful men of the Seven Kingdoms. He has limitless ambition and no intention to settle with what he already has. He keeps on scheming until he’s running the whole show or dies trying to do so.

Little Finger Is A Mind Player

He plays mind games with everyone. Everything he says has a double meaning to it. He manoeuvres the great lords and ladies like puppets. He might be one of the deadliest men in the whole of Westeros.

10. Jorah Mormont

Jorah is with the nomadic Dothraki people as an advisor to the Dothraki Queen or “Khaleesi,” Daenerys Targaryen. But, in reality he is a spy for Lord Varys, a spymaster back in King’s Landing. As time goes by he finds himself becoming increasingly loyal to Daenerys and falls deeply in love with her.

Jorah Is Extremely Loyal

As he spends more time with Daenerys, but he cannot reveal his true intentions. Until the day he’s forced to make a choice, he’s content to advise her and act as her translator. Sadly for him that love is unrequited because Daenerys is more in love with leading her people than him.

Jorah Is A Knight

He is also a brave and strong knight who thwarts multiple assassination attempts on Daenerys.

Wrapping Up

These are the characteristics of some of the main characters in The Game Of Thrones. Who is your favourite character?

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