How I Met Your Father- SpinOff Of HIMYM

How I Met Your Father- SpinOff Of HIMYM

If you’ve watched How I Met Your Mother, you’d know that nothing can compare to Barney’s smirky comments, Ted’s ability to not say I love you on the very first date, Marshall and Lily’s love story and Robin’s need to be famous. The series was filled with so many awws, laughter and heartbreak. Now you’d think that nothing can be better than this version of How I Met Your Mother. But, here we are, with another POV. This time with Kim Cattrall (the mother) telling the story of how she met her husband (the father).

HIMYF follows the main character Sophie (Hilary Duff), and her group of friends in New York City’s Manhattan. As a framing device, Sophie (Kim Cattrall), in the year 2050, narrates the events that followed meeting the father in January 2022 to her son.

So far there has only been 1 season with 10 episodes, new episodes coming in every week. Let me tell you a little bit about all the characters before I jump into the similarities between the two shows.

Main Characters Of HIMYF:

Characters From Left To Right:

  • Sid
  • Charlie
  • Valentina
  • Sophie
  • Jesse
  • Ellen
  • Sophie– she is a hopeless romantic who is out looking for her soulmate. She is an aspiring photographer.
  • Jesse– he is an aspiring musician who becomes a meme after being rejected by his ex-girlfriend. He lives with his best friend Sid and works as an Uber driver and music teacher.
  • Valentina– Sophie’s best friend and an assistant stylist.
  • Sid– Jesse’s best friend and roommate. He owns a bar and is engaged to his girlfriend, Hannah.
  • Charlie– a British aristocrat who abandons his home and inheritance to follow his love, Valentina. Who later moves in with Ellen and gets a job at Sid’s bar.
  • Ellen– Jesse’s adoptive sister who moves to New York City to find romance after her divorce from her wife.
  • Future Sophie– who in the year 2050 tells her son the story of how she met his father.

Similarities Between HIMYM And HIMYF

1. The Same Apartment:


Jesse and Sid live in the same apartment that Ted and Marshall lived in. The apartment also still has the swords hanging on the wall.

2. The Captain:


The captain is constantly appearing throughout a few episodes.

3. Bar Hangout:

Your NYC location guide to 'How I Met Your Mother'

Just like in HIMYM, the gang hung out at Mc Laren’s, this gang hangs out at Sid’s bar, with a more contemporary vibe.

4. A Long-Term Couple:

How I Met Your Father Recreated Marshall & Lily's Season 1 Story

Just like Lily and Marshall met while in school and stuck by ever since, Sid and Hannah have been together for a long time and also get married by eloping towards the end of the season.

5. A Hopeless Romantic:

8 Biggest Similarities Between HIMYM's Ted & How I Met Your Father's Sophie

Just like Ted is a hopeless romantic, Sophie is too. She is always out looking for her soulmate. Despite their failures, they do not give up on finding ‘the one’.

6. A Commitment-Phobe:

How I Met Your Father Avoids HIMYM's Biggest Robin Mistake

In the first episode of both the shows,there’s a character who goes on about how they never want to get married. In HIMYM it was Robin and in HIMYF, it’s Jesse. Robin feared commitment and preferred her career over relationships whereas Jesse gave up in marriage because his ex-girlfriend rejected his proposal.

7. A Certain Uncertainty:

How I Met Your Father Avoids HIMYM's Biggest Robin Mistake

In HIMYM, we’re constantly thinking that Robin and Ted will get together since they have so much romantic tension. In this series, Jesse and Sophie are the same.

8. Siblings That Don’t Look The Same:

How I Met Your Father Repeats Barney's Sibling Confusion (But Worse)

Barney and his brother James both have different dads, the same way Jesse, who is white, had an adoptive sister Ellen who is Asian.

9. Start Off With A Proposal:

HIMYF's Sid & Hannah Keep The Best Part Of HIMYM | Screen Rant

Both series start off with a proposal of the long-term couple. Lily and Marshall get engaged mid-argument, while Sid alsely promises Hannah that they are seeing Beyonce in concert and proposes to her instead.

10. A Failed Romantic Gesture:

In HIMYM’s first episode, Ted steals a French blue horn for Robin to prove his love, in HIMYF’s first episode, Sophie shows up at the airport to ask her Tinder date for a long distance relationship before he moves to Australia. Both of these gestures end in failure, but that doesn’t stop them from continuing the quest to find their soulmate.

If you haven’t watched it yet, watch the trailer and see if it’s worth a shot!

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