Modern Day Colonies

We might have heard of colonies in history but did you know that we have modern day colonies too? Let’s find out more.  What is Colony? So first of all, for those who do not know, a colony is a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country and occupied by settlers from that country. […]

TikTok | Clock is ticking!

TikTok – One of the most popular and controversial apps has been banned in India and is soon to be banned in the US. So what is TikTok? Is it Secured?What are its Social and Psychological impacts? We will be discussing all these questions in this article. We will also be discussing who are the biggest TikTok stars in USA, […]

Sinicization of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang China

Uyghur Muslims are one of the most oppressed people in modern times. They were invaded by the Chinese army and are under their rule since 1949. They have been treated differently since the beginning. From the 2000s they are tortured under the justification of Islamic terror. In this article, we will go through a brief history of Uyghurs. After that, […]

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