Suits Characters And Their Personalities

Suits Characters And Their Personalities

Suits is an American legal drama television series. Suits is set at a fictional New York City law firm and follows talented college dropout Mike Ross, who starts working as a law associate for Harvey Specter despite never having attended law school. The show focuses on Harvey and Mike closing cases, while maintaining Mike’s secret. The show also features the characters Louis Litt, Rachel Zane, Donna Paulsen , and Jessica Pearson.

Suits is full of quirkiness, pride, aggressiveness, and just plain weird characters. However, they make law seem like the best job in the world. It doesn’t matter who they’re going against, it’s hard to hate Havery Specter, Mike Ross, or Louis Litt for any decision they may make when it comes to defending or putting their own stamps on the law. Let us have a look at a few of the main characters and their pole apart personalities:

  1. Harvey Specter
  2. Mike Ross
  3. Louis Litt
  4. Jessica Pearson
  5. Donna Paulson
  6. Rachel Zane

1. Harvey Specter- Jerk With A Heart Of Gold

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You know how every show has that one character who thinks that the world revolves around them? Well, Harvey is that one character. Harvey thinks he’s the best and well, truth is, he is. He is the best closer of New York City. He knows it and he owns it. Harvey’s ambition is his driving force. He easily perceives qualities in others and finds ways to put them in good use. He values loyalty over everything. “Loyalty is a two-way street.”

Harvey struggles to express his feelings, therefore he bottles them up and usually takes it out on the wrong people. He has had a rough childhood which makes it difficult for him to trust people. He is also afraid of real commitment until he goes to therapy for his issues. When the situation gets thick and it appears there’s no way out, you look for him. When a deal is about to go sideways or a client is having second thoughts about leaving or staying, you call in the best closer. This is Harvey. His name alone shakes the confidence of others in the judicial system.

There would be no Mike Ross if Harvey never took a risk. He will go toe-to-toe with anyone when it comes to Pearson Hardman or anyone he loves, and that’s what makes him irreplaceable.

2. Mike Ross- Photographic Memory Guy


Mike Ross is the know-it-all who actually knew it all. His photographic memory is what makes him so special. Mike is guided by his personal values which makes him use his abilities to help those in need. He is the kind of guy who focuses on righting a wrong. He’s also shown a great deal of perceptiveness and understanding when it comes to anything from complex legal issues to human relationships. Mike has always appreciated authentic connections he built with those closest to him.

His wit and charm were proof enough that he belonged in the courtroom, but his brain showed that he was step-in-step with the heavy hitters. Despite his secrets, Mike earned everything that came to him. His loyalty to the firm should never be questioned, and his devotion to everyone in his inner-circle is what makes him so endearing to us. Mike wasn’t always right, but he was willing to do what he felt was best for anyone he was defending even if that meant going against Jessica and Harvey’s wishes.

3. Louis Litt- Wanna Be Harvey


Louis Litt is the kind of person who you love and loathe throughout the series. He is often under a lot of stress and that is when he becomes accusatory and pessimistic. Louis makes all the wrong decisions when he is under a lot of pressure which he later apologises and repents for. At heart, Louis is a good man and wants to be useful to the firm but more importantly, he wants to prove his worth.

When given a task to do, Louis will pour all his energy and skill into it. He relies on logical reasoning and facts to do what needs to be done. He values honesty more than preserving feelings and thus may come off blunt and emotionless. All Lous ever wanted was to be included. He had to claw his way to the partner’s table and, once he got there, he demanded more. He is extremely loyal to the firm and the family he has in it.

4. Jessica Pearson- The Boss Lady

Suits: Why did Jessica Pearson actor Gina Torres really leave? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

Jessica Pearson can be described as someone with an ‘overbearing’ nature which is what makes it difficult for people to work with her. Still, because of her excellent leadership skills and ability to motivate others, she came up with a team of her own. Jessica can seem unfriendly and unapproachable because of her tendency to be blunt without much regard to other’s feelings. Driven by ambition, Jessica puts her own and the feelings of others aside, in order to achieve the desired results. Relying on her logical reasoning and quick wit, Jessica accomplished whatever she set out to do.

Viewed as Harvey’s mentor, it was Jessica who opened up doors, paid her dues, and possibly paid the ultimate sacrifice in the end. She is ruthless and aloof. After countless attempts by outsiders and sometimes colleagues to take her throne, she fought them off like a mother protecting a newborn. When her lawyers were getting off track, she laid the hammer down. Despite her reservations concerning Mike in the beginning, it was Jessica who sacrificed her career so he could pursue his. That’s what a true leader does.

5. Donna Paulson- Heart Of The Firm And Show

Pin on Queen Crimson

Donna Paulson is a great people’s person which makes her all the more charming. She is witty and fun. Her confidence is what makes her good at what she does. Donna has a way with words and finds it easy to connect with and understand people. She always notices when one of her friends needs help and she’s always willing to openly discuss the issue and give her input. Donna Poulsen is an air-breathing, English speaking, walking computer. She knows what’s going on before it happens and can anticipate one’s response before they knew they even had one. She’s brash, calculating, and direct, but that’s what we love about her.

Her loyalty to Harvey is what makes her the heartthrob of the show. She just always seems to know everything and that is why she is irreplaceable. There can be no other Donna. Donna is supportive, responsible and loyal to a fault. Donna has always been the person Harvey relies on. She’s supported him and continues to support him, regardless of whatever feelings come between them. Donna said it best herself, she’d take a bullet for Harvey and follow him to the ends of the earth, now that’s loyalty.

6. Rachel Zane- The Best Paralegal

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Rachel Zane Once And For All | Grazia

Rachel is good at what she does because she’s a competent lawyer. She also has a strict moral code and unwavering loyalty to her firm and colleagues. She’s always been there for anyone who needed assistance in a work-related matter or with a personal problem. She has a genuine desire to do good and help others. One of the best paralegals in the business, Rachel hustled her way to becoming a great attorney in the end. She’s loyal, sometimes to a fault, especially when it comes to Mike. No matter who’s in front of her, Rachel is going to stand her ground.

Her willingness to put in the long hours and grind out the work was what made her one of the most hardworking people at Pearson Hardman.

Wrapping Up

These are the personality descriptions of the main characters of Suits. Who are you more like?

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